Arcana Symphony



Arcana” comes from the word arcane meaning esoteric, mysterious, and secret. Thus, those who are interested in different areas of the esoteric often get involved with Tarot cards.

Having a background in music, I thought how deeply we might feel about each Tarot card audibly as well as visually. I then set out on a journey to compose a symphonic work reflecting the themes that would invoke the feeling of each Tarot card. I named the work Arcana.

I never thought when I composed Arcana that I would be able to have an orchestra perform my work. Then one day while I was riding my bike down Fifth Avenue in New York City, my “upstairs team” said, “You will go back to California, to the university you attended, and take advantage of the Composition Award you won at the end of your graduation.” Actually, I was the first woman to win that Composition Award.

Suddenly a light went on. I would not only compose Arcana but would also have the work performed. I somehow managed to produce, and put together, a 56-piece orchestra of mostly students. And so Arcana came to be, and is presented here for you to listen to and enjoy.

I hope the music touches your heart as it did mine while I was composing Arcana. Thanks for listening!

© 2020 Suzane Northrop


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