The Vagus Nerve, Psychology of the Soul + Paranormal with Rev. Karen E. Herrick

Karen and I will be discussing her upcoming webinar and research entitled “What Happens in Vagus Stays in Vagus – Unless You Breathe Differently: A Neurophysiological View of the Vagus Nerve, Trauma & Recovery Through the Lens of Modern Spirituality.” This research explores the neurophysiological side of mental health and participants will gain an overview of repressed trauma in the body and how these repressed memories trigger fearful behaviors in clients. Theories of James, Jung, Maslow and Grof, and the differences between Spiritual Experiences and psychotic hallucinations will be discussed.

Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD, LCSW; LMSW, CADC, ACMHP, has shared her clinical expertise for thirty years in her private practice by lecturing throughout the United States on dysfunctional and addictive homes, dissociation, grief and loss from a Jungian perspective. From this perspective, she has discovered that visits to mediums greatly help people in chronic grief to continue happily in their lives. Karen was ordained in 1995. Her ministry is to be actively involved in Spiritual Psychology specifically in naming spiritual experiences. Her books, You’re Not Finished Yet and Grandma, What Is Soul? are available through, and ’on Kindle. She is available for private therapy in her office, on Skype and Face Time. She is interested in hearing about your spiritual experiences. Karen is a mother of three, a grandmother of eight and a great-grandmother of three.

source: The Vagus Nerve, Psychology of the Soul + Paranormal with Rev. Karen E. Herrick 07/12 by Suzane Northrop | Spirituality (

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