Mary-Anne Kennedy – “Connecting with Your Loved Ones in Spirit”

This month, Suzane’s guest is Mary-Anne Kennedy.

Mary-Anne is a professional Spiritual Medium, published Author, Teacher, and Reiki Master connecting those here in the physical world with their loved ones in Spirit. She is highly acclaimed throughout Canada, and with compelling accuracy, she brings forward evidence – proof – that our loved ones still exist. All of Mary-Anne’s 2014 through 2017 public events and workshops sold out within days of ticket release.

Her connection and messages from heaven are rich with healing and love, and through her readings, she has transformed thousands of lives. She teaches that the combination of validation and messages serves as proof of the continuation of life after physical death, and demonstrates that we are never alone – that our connection of love still exists.

Mary-Anne’s book, How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side was published by New York, NY based publisher Library Tales Publishing, and was released October 2015 to great review. Mary-Anne has also been featured as a contributor to online spiritual publications. Mary-Anne also stars in the upcoming television pilot, Between Worlds, airing in Canada in March 2018.

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